When you're FEARLESS it shows.

In what you say.
And to whom you say it to.

With what you wear.
Or sometimes don't wear.

It's the company you keep.
And those who desire yours.

The exclusives you're invited to.
Or the parties you gate-crash.

It's about being exactly who you are.

You know who you are.


CLEO Pink Star Award 2014: The Best Leg Waxing
CLEO Pink Star Award 2014: The Best Eyebrow Waxing
CLEO Pink Star Award 2013: The Best Brazilian For First Timers

M’sian Women’s Weekly Spa Award 2014: The Best Leg Waxing
M’sian Women’s Weekly Spa Award 2013: The Best Brazilian Newcomer

Harper’s Bazaar Spa Award 2014: The Best Brazilian Wax
Harper’s Bazaar Spa Award 2013: The Most Beautiful Brazilian


Because a pretty smile is not just
about your teeth.
F | M
Eyebrow Wax & Shape 30 | 38
Upper & Lower Lip 13 | 16
Chin 15 | 20
Jawline 20 | 26
Forehead 23 | 30
Neck 25 | 33
Sideburns 15 | 20
Cheeks 20 | 26
Full Face
( Except Nose & Ear)
68 | 88


Some things shouldn't be seen, even
win the most revealing outfits.
F | M
Stomach 28 | 35
Snail Trail 20 | 26
Nipples 15 | 18
Chest & Shoulders 50 | 62
Chest & Stomach 70 | 90
Back & Shoulders 70 | 90
Shoulder 28 | 36
Chest 28 | 36


When you raise your hands and
wave, nothing else should stick out
and wave as well.
F | M
Underarms 32 | 42
Half Arms 40 | 50
Full Arms 65 | 84


Expect a smooth transition
from short skirts to tall heels.
F | M
Bottom Half 58 | 68
Upper Half 65 | 82
Full Leg 100 | 123


It's time to get down and naughty.
(F) Only
Golden Triangle
Basic bikini line for your most outrageous swimwear.
RM 32
Out of the box
Hair is removed from pubic area apart from a strip, approximately 2.5cm wide up and over the pubic mound
RM 63
All hair is removed other than a pencil-wide strip over the pubic mound

RM 116
Complete removal of pubic hair
RM 106
Heart Striptease
RM 123

Special Promotion

Is this your first time?

First-timers get 30% off their bill!

TENtalising Treats

Get extra 2 treatments FOC when you purchase 10 Underarms Waxing Treatments at RM320!

Furless Four

Get 4 Totally Furless at only RM384 (NP at RM424).

Hi-Five Hundred

Enjoy a total of RM580 in credits to wax a bit of everything at just RM500!

The fearless have spoken.

The verdict is out!

We have just been awarded the “Most Beautiful Brazilian Wax” in Harper’s Bazaar 2013 SPA Awards. Our hygienic procedures and attentive services sums up the Furless waxing experience. Although we’ve always expected customers to gain renewed confidence, this time it’s the other way round. It is your kind words that let us feel confident in maintaining the standards we’ve set ourselves.

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